Edward Bliven of  Westerly,RI
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                 Bliven's from RI and CT

1 Edward , 2 Edward, 3 Edward, 4 George, 5 Edward Griffin, 6 Edward Griffin,
7 Charles Edward Born May 27, 1843. Died Aug. 6, 1922.

Charles married Cora Ellen Perkins , born Nov. 5, 1859 , daughter of  Ellen     ( Brown ) and Shubal Perkins.

The children of Cora and Charles Bliven:
1. Nellie Elizabeth, born May 29, 1876
2. Harry Willard, born Dec. 21, 1878. Died Oct. 20, 1918.
3. Charles Perkins  [1881-1955 dates from stone]
4. Francis Faye. Born, May 10, 1885
5. Gladys Irene, Born Oct. 9, 1893. Married in Waterford, CT.,
     Owen Joseph Perkins, son of Albert and Rose (Sherry) Perkins.
6. Cora Anna. Born, Oct, 24, 1896. Died, Jan. 20, 1900.
7. Florence Alice. Born, Feb. 10, 1900.

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1. Edward1 Bliven. Died, 1718, in Westerly, RI.

1. Edward1 Bliven. Born in Wales or Scotland abt 1665. Died, 1718, in Westerly,
RI. He sailed from Wales to Oyster Bay, Long Island in his own ship called the
"Arabella" in 1684. This was his second trip from England. Edward Bliven, with his
brothers James and Joshua, sailed from England to America, sometime prior to
1650, probably landing at Salem.

Edward's ear mark was recorded under date of 4 Feb 1697.  October the 2nd the
1691:  then Edward Bleavin and Isabel Maccoon both of Westerly was joined
together in marriage by and before me. Tobias Saunders conservator of the peace. 

Edward and Isabel were Seventh Day Baptists.  Isabel's name appears on the
church rolls in 1708, 1712, 1718 and 1740.  Edward's name is found there 5th of
9th month, 1712.

Edward died early in 1718.  His will, made 22 Aug 1716 was proved 30 April
· He gives the land bought of Ninecraft to his son Edward,
· the homestead to his son James, it being the 100 acres bought of Job Babcock,
· and six acres also bought of Job Babcock and the land bought of Edward Larkin
to his son John. 
· He directs that the Homestead be cleared of the mortgage for 50 Pounds
· and that his son John shall on coming of age pay his sisters Jane and Rachel 10
Pounds each. 
· His widow Isabel and Capt. John Babcock were executors.  Letters were granted
them 2 May 1718. 
· On 2 June 1718 Isabel was fined 30 shillings by the Council, as a meeting of that
body has been called by her omission. 
· 26 Nov 1742 Commissioners set off her thirds in her husband's estate.  Her will
made 14 Oct 1742, was proved May 28, 1753.  It names her daughters Jane Clark,
Rachel Sa(u)nders, her daughter-in-law Mercy Bliven and granddaughter Mercy
Bliven, and her sons Edward and James Bliven. (Her son John had died in 1728). 

Edward married Isabel Maccoon, daughter of John Macoone, 2 Oct 1691, in
Westerly, RI (Westerly, RI Town Records, Book 2, Page 121). Died, circa 1753,
in Westerly, RI. She was the daughter of John, formerly of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
She and Edward were both members of the First Sabbatarian Church of Hopkinton,
RI. Sep 1712. Vol 10, VRRI, p 95. Children:

2 i. Joan2.
3 ii. Edward.
4 iii. Rachel.
5 iv. James.
6 v. John.


3. Edward2 (or Edwin) Bliven (Edward1). Born, 5 Aug 1694, in Westerly, RI
(Westerly, RI Town Records, Book 2, Page 121). Died, circa 1774/1775,
Westerly, RI.

On 2 Jun 1718 he was serving as clerk of the eldest Train Band of the town.

12 May 1719 he married Freelove Swaros (probably Barker) (as nearly as the town
record can be made out).  There is reason to believe that the bride was Freelove
Barker, daughter of Peter Barker and Freelove Bliss.  Peter Barker was born abt
1665, Newport, RI, died 1725, Westerly, RI.  He was the son of James Barker and
Barbara Dungan.  Freelove Bliss was born 16 Nov 1672, Newport, RI and died
1708/1710, Newport, RI.  Peter and Freelove were married 1692, Newport, RI. 

Four facts point in this direction: 

(1) Edward Bliven was bondsman for Peter Barker's widow Susannah respecting
the inventory of her husband's estate, 7 Dec 1725.
(2) Edward Bliven was administrator of the estate of John Barker, 30 Mar 1740,
who died about 27 Dec 1738.
(3) The commissioners appointed by the Town Council of Westerly to divide the
real estate of Peter Barker were formally warned by Edward Bliven not to run any
line there, and accordingly desisted. The date was 11 Aug 1740.
(4) The farm in Westerly on which the Bliven burying ground is situated formerly
belonged to the Barker family, and John Barker is buried there. This identity of
Freelove Bliven is supported by the examination of birth dates and by the fact that
she had a son Peter who was born in 1727. It is probable that she was earlier
married to one Swaros and that the Abigail Swaros who married, 25 Oct 1739,
William Ross was her daughter by this earlier marriage.

Edward and Freelove Bliven were Seventh Day Baptists.  The latter's name appears
on the record in 1718, 1740, and 1768.  It is interesting to note that Peter Barker
and both his wives were members of the same communion. 

Freelove died subsequent to 1768, and Edward in 1775. His will, made 29 Oct
1772 and proved 24 Apr 1775, mentions all his sons except Peter and all his
daughters, but not his wife who probably died between 1768 and 1775. His
grandson Edward received all his landed estate and was his executor.

He married Freelove Barker, 12 May 1719, in Westerly, RI, Joseph Stanton,
Justice. (Westerly, RI Town Records, Book 2, Page 110).  She was Born, 1698, in
see Gen Dict, of RI.  Died, circa 1768. 

She was the daughter of Peter and Freelove (Bliss) Barker (who were Seventh Day
Baptists) and granddaughter of Benedict Arnold, first Governor of RI.  Peter Barker
was the sixth son of James Barker and Barbara Duncan.  Barbara Duncan was the
daughter of Lewis Latham, falconer of King Charles II.  Children:

7. iii. Edward


7. Edward3 Bliven (Edward2, Edward1). Born, 30 May 1722, in Westerly, RI
(Westerly, RI Town Records, Book 2, Page 121.). Died, circa 1778 (He is said to
have died a prisoner on the prison ship Jersey.). His death date(s) are given as
1778, 1781 and 1784, depending on which record is read.

He was a Field Officer for Kings Co., RI, French and Indian War;  General Register
of the Society of Colonial Wars, 1899-1902. He was possessed of a military spirit
and saw service in expeditions against the French and subsequently during the
Revolution.  He was familiarly known as Major Edward as early as 1766, and
served as Captain in Col. Noyes's regiment in 1776 and in August 1778. 

Tradition says that he died on Prison Ship Jersey before the end of the War. He was
sometimes styled Edward Bliven Jr, previous to 1775.  Members of the Colonial
Assembly who were Seventh Day Baptists;  Edward Bliven, 1776, 1781, 1782; p
635, 7th Day Baptists in Europe and America - Historical Papers - 1910.

He married Ann Ross, 30 May 1743, in Westerly, RI (Westerly, RI Town
Records, Book 2, Page 220).  Ann was born 21 Jan 1726, Westerly, RI, died aft 3
Oct 1777.  Children:

16 i. Joshua4.
17 ii. William.
18 iii. Edward.
19 iv. Isaac Ross.
  v. Ann (or Anna) (did she marry a Clark?). Born, 10 Mar 1755, in Westerly, RI
(Westerly, RI Town Records, Book 2, Page 220).
21. vii. George

21. George4 Bliven (Edward3, Edward2, Edward1). Born, 16 Sep 1759, in
Westerly, RI (Westerly, RI Town Records, Book 2, Page 220). Died, 22 Dec
1821. See Widow's Application W.21682 Veterans Administration Archives,
National Archives. From "Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files", p. 302: George,
Vashti, W21682, RI Line, wid appl 17 Jun 1839 Washington City RI aged 83 a res
of Westerly RI, sol was son of Maj Edward Bliven & he m Vashti daughter of Capt
Samuel Gavitt of Westerly RI on 12 Aug 1784 by a Rev Isaiah Wilcox, sol d 22
Dec 1821.

He married Vashti Gavitt, daughter of Samuel (Capt) Gavitt, 12 Aug 1784, in
Westerly, RI, by Elder Isaiah, Wilcox (Westerly, RI Town Records, Book 4, Page
19). Born, 4 Sep 1755, in Westerly, RI. Vashti[4] Gavitt Samuel[3] Ezekiel[2]
Philip[1]. NEHGR 77, 38(1923). Children:

  i. Nancy5. Born, 4 Dec 1784, in Westerly, RI (ibid.). She married a Mr. Green.
They had two sons and a daughter Rhoda.
65 ii. Edward Griffin.
  iii. Polly. Born, 27 May 1788, in Westerly, RI (ibid.).
66 iv. Samuel.
  v. Henry. Born, 3 Apr 1794, in Westerly, RI (ibid.).
67 vi. Noyes Barker.

65. Edward Griffin5 Bliven (George4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1). Born, 7 May
1786, in Westerly, RI (Westerly, RI Town Records, Book 4, Page 19). Died, 20
May 1841.

He married Francis Barber Bliven, circa 1800, in a wholly, improbable,
date,sequence!. Born, 16 Dec 1801. Died, 27 Jul 1880. Her dates may be wrong!

171 i. Edward Griffin6.
  ii. Frances E. Born, 13 Jul 1820. She married a Mr. Gardiner.
  iii. Harriet M. Born, 3 Sep 1822. She married a Mr. Nash. He, of Westerly, RI.
  iv. Charles C. Born, 25 Dec 1825. He, of Brooklyn, NY?
  v. George H. Born, 4 Oct 1827.
  vi. Jonathan M. Born, 13 Sep 1830. Died, 28 Mar 1849.
172 vii. Hannah.
173 viii. Lydia Gavitt.
  ix. Royal. Born, 1839, in Westerly, RI. He married a Ms Jagger.

171. Edward Griffin6 Bliven (Edward Griffin5, George4, Edward3, Edward2,
Edward1). Born, 27 Apr 1817. Died, 18 Jul 1896.

He married Elizabeth Clark, 13 Feb 1842. Born, 11 Oct 1823. Died, 15 Apr
1866. Children:

334 i. Charles Edward7.
335 ii. William H.
  iii. Frederick. Born, 13 Jan 1848. Died, 25 Apr 1868.
  iv. Jonathan M. Born, 13 Nov 1851. Died, 10 Jun 1872.
  v. Elizabeth Selina. Born, 1 Mar 1854. Died, 10 Jul 1873.
  vi. Willard. Born, 29 Apr 1857.
  vii. George. Born, 30 Jul 1858. Died, 28 Nov 1884.
  viii. Ann Vashti. Born, 23 Nov 1863.
  ix. Colby. Born, 19 Nov 1864. Died, 3 May 1866.
A great deal of this file comes from that written by William Warren Bliven's folder
entitled "The Early Blivens".  The earliest mention of the Bliven name in Rhode Island
so far as known, is the record, in Westerly of the marriage of Edward Bliven and
Isabel Maccoon (or Maccoone) married 2 Oct 1691, born abt 1676, Cambridge,
Mass, died 1753, Westerly, RI.  Daughter of John Maccoone, born abt 1630,
Aberdeenshire, Scotland, died 8 Oct 1705, Cambridge, Mass and Mary, born abt
1643 near Cambridge, Mass, died after 4 May 1705 Cambridge, Mass. 

My Great Grandfather Charles Bliven's Family Line
Please email me if you can make a connection.

334. Charles Edward7 Bliven (Edward Griffin6, Edward Griffin5, George4,
Edward3, Edward2, Edward1). Born, 27 May 1843. Died, 6 Aug 1922.

He married Cora Ellen Perkins,  Born, 5 Nov 1859. Children:

  i. Nellie Elizabeth. Born, 29 May 1876.
  ii. Harry Willard. Born, 21 Dec 1878. Died, 20 Oct 1918.
  iii. Charles Perkins.
  iv. Francis Faye. Born, 10 May 1885. Married Homer Browne
  v. Gladys Irene. Born, 9 Oct 1893. Married Owen Perkins
  vi. Cora Anna. Born, 24 Oct 1896. Died, 20 Jan 1900.
  vii. Florence Alice. Born, 10 Feb 1900.
v. Gladys Irene Bliven Perkins
and husband Owen Perkins
October 20, 1956

Cora Ellen Perkins Bliven
Cora Ellen PerkinsBliven
vii.Florence Alice Bliven
iv.Frances Faye Bliven  (Faye)
Elizabeth Clark Bliven
Aunt Faye and husband Homer Browne
A special thanks to the relatives that shared these photos .I would like to thank my cousin  Diane for locating and scaning the above photos for me.
Buried in Jordan Cemetery Waterford CT