Samuel Gorton and Mary Maplet
John Gorton and Margaret Weeden
John Gorton and Patience Hopkins
William Gorton and Lydia Collins
Sarah Gorton and Charles Brown
Henry Brown and Lucy Prentis
Ellen Brown and Capt. Shubal Perkins
Cora Ellen Perkins and Charles Bliven
Gladys Bliven and Owen Perkins
Harriet  Perkins and John Elmer Perkins Jr

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Below are pictures that I took of the Gorton Cemetery in Waterford, CT. The cemetery is located between Interstate 95 and Waterford Parkway South. 
This is the cemetery looking towards Interstate 95
I took this picture standing in the cemetery. You can see how close to the highway it is.
There is no kind of fencing to protect the gravestones from the highway sand or salt.
Benjamin Gorton, died Sept 9, 1825, age 88 yrs.
Naomi Gorton, wife of Collins Gorton, died Sept 9, 1847,age 95 yrs.
Sally Gorton, died Mar.18.1845
Article from the New London Day Published 9/8/98

Public works employee reuniting headstone with its proper grave.   
By Heather Vogell

Waterford- For at least the past 20 years, Benjamin Gorton rested in peace but it was difficult to tell where.
  His headstone lay in a public works storage room, put there before anyone can remember for reasons no one is sure of. It was shifted from time to time when workers needed to reach things.
   Possibly as a result, the 19th century marker broke into eight pieces and developed cracks. one piece was lost altogether.
  Now, thanks to the interest of a public works employee, Gorton will gain more respectful recognition. His restored monument will be returned to the tiny family cemetery sandwiched between Interstate 95 and Waterford Parkway South.
  In recent months, Richard Sargent, who maintains the town's traffic control devices, has taken an interest in the town's cemeteries, particularily those with the overgrown look of places long forgotten.
  In addition to cataloging those graveyards, he has arranged to have someone fix up Gorton's stone.
  Sargent, a public works employee of 23 years, heard that police may have confiscated the stone and deposited it at public works, but police today say they don't know the story behind it.
  "I think it was kicking around so long nobody knew how it got there," he said. " Well, this past winter I said enough is enough and asked for the town to pay to have it repaired."
  The town agreed.
  Work on the rectangular limestone marker is being done by Monument Conservation Collaborative of Colebrook.
(Samuel, John, John,)
William Gorton and Lydia Collins, married 1736.
William and Lydia had the following children probably all born in Rhode Island:
1.Benjamin Gorton, b. July 25, 1737,m. Mehitable Douglas
2.Mary Gorton, b. Sept. 30, 1739, (1) Reuben Beebe
(2) Jediah Caulkins
3. John Gorton, b. June 2, 1742, m. (1) Mary Mannering (2) Susanna Davis
4. Lydia Gorton, b. August 6, 1744, died unmarried
5. Sarah Gorton, b. Dec 31, 1746, m. Charles Brown
6. William Gorton, b. Sept. 21, 1748, m. (1) Phebe Daniels (2) Louise Hall
7. Collins Gorton, b. Aug. 23, 1752, m. Naomi Keeny

Governor Samuel Gorton
Oct.1651 -May 1652 
         Warwick, RI
Grave of Samuel Gorton about 300 ft. to the rear of where his home once stood. Rocky Point Road, Old Warwick, RI
In memory of my Grandmother Gladys Irene (Bliven) Perkins
Great great granddaughter of Sarah Gorton and Charles Brown.